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Founded in 2015, MOVE(NYC) is a multi-pillared New York City based arts and social justice organization whose mission is to cultivate greater diversity and equity within the dance profession and beyond. It holds the important responsibility of shaping the next generation of dance artists and leaders and actualizes this responsibility by providing artistic training, mentorship, professional development, presenting opportunities, and other quintessential resources for career advancement to primarily historically marginalized and underrepresented artists. Through its programs and activities, MOVE(NYC) is committed to artistic excellence, mentorship, community engagement, equity, and social change in its capacity to level skewed access to a professional and sustainable dance career for artists at the earliest stages of their artistic pursuits.

MOVE(NYC) imagines a field in which the most talented dancers have access to the best training. It imagines more artists, like Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, who are empowered to bring their own cultural backgrounds to their specialized fields. It imagines more artists creating new ways to move the field forward. It imagines an art form that will connect with more audiences.

It imagines more people imagining.